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Toon Guidelines

The following posting guidelines are in place to ensure the groups run smoothly for the benefit of everyone. Please be familiar with them *before* posting, as messages that don't comply will be returned to you for amending, or may be deleted.


All items posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages


  1. No swaps, bartering, borrowing, sales or trading
  2. No mention of payment, postage or delivery charges in posts.
  3. No street/back lane/skip sightings
  4. No WANTEDs for copyright material on electronic media; OFFERs must declare 'original'
  5. No posts for medicines, supplements or personal items such as hair dye and makeup.
  6. No posts for animals or humans; only specific, tangible items
  7. No references to charities, voluntary organisations, etc.
  8. No references to hardships or personal difficulties.
  9. No posts for weapons, guns, air guns, alcohol or tobacco.
  10. Compostable gardening items like plants and peat pots should go on the Black and White Greens group.
  11. Tickets and vouchers will be allowed on a limited basis as long as they have no cash value.

Respect our posting etiquette


  1. Format subject line correctly. To post your message correctly the subject line should read: "Offer: item (Location)" To help you post there is a message maker located at
  2. Your location is the area in the Newcastle vicinity where you live, not your post code or street address. You must use the same location for all posts. If the item is not in that area mention it in your post, not the subject line. Use ONE consistent location in ALL posts the area where you live, irrespective of group
  3. Please support your local group and post there first. You can find your closest groups here:
  4. Your first post must be an OFFER.
  5. Do not include personal information in posts
  6. No chat posts, corrections, or follow-ups other than TAKEN/RECEIVED
  7. Do not type in all-capitals or text-speak
  8. No 'wish lists'. A wish list is a post containing several wanted items.
  9. Do not choose 'no email' or 'web only' email delivery options
  10. Do not post for others and don't let anyone else use your account
  11. When replying insure that you send your message to the person making the post, not to the group or the poster will not receive your response. We routinely delete such replies.

Support your 'home' group


  1. Make initial use of your nearest group, followed by nearest neighbouring group
  2. Do not cross-post the same message to more than one group within 48-hour.
  3. Do not repost a WANTED within a month, OFFER within a week, or delete posts
  4. Only one WANTED per week requesting ONE item.
  5. The content of a WANTED post should contain information that directly relates to the item only to avoid the appearance of being a 'begging letter' or sob story'
  6. You must wait four weeks to repost the same item.
  7. After 4 reposts of the same WANTED item you must wait 6 months before reposting it again

Respect other members and Mods


  1. Any attempts to bypass the guidelines, such as joining under a false name or deleting posts, will result in a suspension of posting rights or even a complete ban at the moderator's discretion.
  2. No large email signatures with or without religious or political statements.
  3. No contacting members for any reason other than in direct response to their post
  4. No personal information or non-registered email addresses, tel. numbers, etc. in group posts
  5. No forwarding messages to non-members
  6. No reselling 'Wanted' items
  7. Check for a TAKEN/RECEIVED post *before* contacting a member
  8. Never use an auto-responder on an email list
  9. Be polite and respectful, meet when arranged or inform if you become unavailable
  10. Try to adopt a 'Fair Offer Policy' instead of handing off to the first person to reply so the people on digest get a chance to reply as well.


Abuse of moderators will not be tolerated; this is an automatic ban from the group for a first offence. (Yes, name calling counts as abuse)


Above all, please remember that Freegle is a 'no strings attached' recycle gifting scheme open to anyone regardless of health, wealth and social standing; it is a place to pass on still-usable items which may otherwise end up in landfill.

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